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Glulam beam houses:

Living in your own house is a dream that everyone want to reach. Glulam beam house will help your dream come true.

Building a house is always a good investment.

You can whether choose one of 300 ready house projects, or our designers will help you to create your own house by taking all of your personal requirements into account.

Formula of our success tied to high-quality materials and wide range of services!

High-quality Angara pine

Angara pine is a coniferous evergreen tree.It grows in Irkutsk region and in the basin of the Angara river. Ecologically clean region of Siberian taiga forests, severe climate, soils and other specific natural conditions made a great contribution to the quality of this material that well known all over the globe.

Angara pine trunk is straight and flat. The height of a mature pine reaches 36-52 meters. Pine grows for a long period of time. Its average age is about four or six hundred years.Angara pine is strong and has greater density - 540 kg/m3, one and a half times higher than normal density of pine that grows in central part of Russia.

Angara pine lumber are much more resistant to rotting processes, as well as tomold and fungi influence than other wood species. Wood contains a great number phytoncids with disinfecting property, and the pine continues to allocate phytoncideseven after the tree is cut down. The house made of Angara pine lumber retains these properties, therefore your home will always have fresh air and healthy microclimate.

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Glulam beam

- Carefully controlled drying process. Moisture content 9+1%
- Rot resistant
- Does not have wood flaws such as cracks and splits, blue rot, curves or twists
- Nearly does not have resin exudation
- Average shrinkage does not exceed 0,5% that enables to minimize the period of building houses noticeably. There is no need to wait for a subsidence of the cage
- Class-2 fire rating, no extra fireproofing required
- In comparison with ordinary beams glulam beams provides ideal geometric form
- In beam gluing process we use Akzonobel (Sweden) and Kleiberit (Germany) glue

Ordinary solid beam and glulam beamcomparative analysis.


Beam with natural moisture content

Glulam beam




Deformation caused by uneven drying



Splits and cracks



Wood appearance problem caused by wood-decay fungus



Woodworm holes, rot



Temperature fluctuations

Wood deformation

No deformation

Thermal insulation property

Extra insulation

No extra insulation required

External and internal finishing

No ideal plane surface, contains dead and fall-out knots, splits and cracks

Extremely plane surface, no finishing required

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